New collection in the shop later this week!
. 🎟🌈🍎☀️💧🍊
Apparently, yesterday was the Women Entrepreneurs day. I’m at the beginning of this journey, but looking very forward to new plans and adventures (especially on this, to me, weird Monday) ✊🏼
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Happy and fun weekend!
(This style is still available in the outlet section in the shop, don't miss this unique chance!)
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This 💎 is back in stock
It looks great with socks too ❄️
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Vitamins for winter!
Never in plastic bags!
New collection is almost ready and I am in love! (I’m not objective but I think is the best so far, I’ll wait for your opinions)
The wild weekend! (On the couch? 😅)
This is also an oldie but goodie, available in the Outlet section on the shop
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Look to this beautiful display at @batlloconcept I loved seeing all our cushions together and so well surrounded.
(If you have or know any cute shop that would like to carry Hamabi, please let me know!)
Calm and a color concentration ⚗️
Sunrise by the sea
This might be my favourite quilt from the first Hamabi collection I made 2 years ago
I need some space at home so I’ve decided to sell some prototypes. They were made with the same care as the good ones, just no labels and minor imperfections. But great price too!
Go to to check them 🔹✨🔹
Pic by @polubeda
very Monday 🏳🏳🏳
Cold is here! A quilt and a hot chocolate/coffee/tea are very reccomended.
Get the first at (some styles are on sale!)



Hamabi makes contemporary patchwork quilts for unique homes.

Hand-made in Spain with 100% natural high-quality battings and fabrics.

Colour and shape are the stars in Hamabi’s soft and warm quilts. The inspiration comes from the coast of the French Basque Country, blended with the Meditaerranean colours of Barcelona and a pinch of the 20th century avant-garde. An inspiration that combines the love for traditional patchwork, embroidery and other forms of craft, which we defend as our own heritage and know-how.

Hamabi means ‘twelve’ in Basque, and its quilts are produced in limited editions of twelve units.

Hamabi quilts are designed to garnish your home or keep youself warm and they can last a lifetime.

The woman behind Hamabi is me, Zita Chocarro, a designer who combines her job in major fashion design with her own projects carried out in her cosy workshop, surrounded by threads and needles.

Hamabi is pronounced /ah-‘mah-bee/

Hamabi es una marca de mantas de patchwork contemporáneo para hogares únicos.

Se fabrican en España de forma artesanal y están hechas con tejidos y guatas 100% naturales y de alta calidad.

En las suaves y cálidas mantas Hamabi, la forma y el color son los protagonistas. La inspiración de las colecciones parte del País Vasco Francés, se mezcla con los colores del mediterráneo de Barcelona, y se completa con influencias del Arte de Vanguardia del siglo XX.  También nace de la admiración por el patchwork clásico, el bordado y otras artes aplicadas, que reivindicamos como herencia y saber hacer.

Hamabi significa “doce” en vasco, y las producciones son series limitadas y numeradas de 12 unidades.

Las mantas Hamabi son piezas para decorar y abrigarse y pueden durarte toda la vida.

Detrás de Hamabi estoy yo, Zita Chocarro. Soy diseñadora de moda y compagino mi trabajo para una empresa textil con los ratos de taller, entre tejidos e hilos de bordar.


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