What does Hamabi mean?

Hamabi means “twelve” in Basque. It is a number full of symbolism and it is a nod to my origins, to the language of my land.

Where and how are your products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in a small Workshop in Barcelona, Spain, and are made with natural and high quality fabrics.

Mainly we use cotton and the filling of the blankets is made of cotton and bamboo, a light but warm material that prevents mites.

For unique pieces, we can use a mixture of old fabrics, recovered from clothes or from stores around the world, so we can not guarantee their origin.

Do you make personalized orders?

Of course! And we love it! Tell us your idea or get inspired in the Made to Order section, where you can see many ideas from previous projects.

What is contemporary Patchwork?

Contemporary patchwork is my way of calling the self-taught patchwork that I do. I play with geometry and colors. Sometimes in an orderly and geometric way and sometimes in an improvised manner. If you want to learn more you can see my Domestika course.

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have our own store but we sell in some stores that you can see in the Stockist section. If you have a store and you want to sell Hamabi, you can write us.

I work in a workshop in Barcelona. If you want to see something live, I’ll be happy to receive you! But let me know before, because I’m not always there.